How to Gain Credibility as the Expert in your Niche

Did you know, anyone considered an ‘expert’ is only required to have 10% more knowledge on a topic compared to the average person? 


Luckily for you, it means you’re probably an expert on something. Unluckily, so are probably at least 1,000 other people. Standing out in your niche is important to generate leads and gain customers. One of the best ways to do this, gaining credibility for your business at the same time, is to establish yourself as an expert.

1. Get raving reviews, testimonials and referrals

One of the easiest ways for people to trust you and your knowledge, is by seeing the wider consensus. Generally speaking, people follow the crowd, and they begin to trust experts with lots of positive reviews, over ‘experts’ who simply try to sell themselves. Plus, there’s nothing worse than a straight-up sales pitch to a cold lead. Even if you don’t have a drip funnel set up, (via social media or other means,) potential clients are much more likely to buy after being referred from a trusted friend. 

2. Get in the media

Business owners who’ve been quoted for articles, appeared on podcasts or spoken at events are treated like literal celebrities. Good media exposure can really boost your business, so it’s important to treat these opportunities with lots of attention. Plus, it’s much easier than thought to feature in the press. You’ll have to create a media kit, and press pitch, but this can be reused over and over when you apply. You can easily sign up to email alerts from different organisations too, which will give you the first look at any opportunities coming your way.

3. Create a solid online presence

Building yourself a consistent brand across different social media profiles is essential. Plus, depending on your industry, you’ll want to find the ‘hot spot’ where potential customers, and other industry leaders hang out online. For example, I work with a financial planner who, due to industry compliance reasons, can’t post on Instagram. Her Pinterest, however, is popping off and drives thousands of people to her website every month! For other business owners, creating a commentary on twitter might be a more worthwhile way of sharing your views. You shouldn’t be directly selling or promoting on social media too often, it’s about providing value to potential customers by sharing your knowledge (not all of it, obviously!). The important thing to note that as long as your style and tone is similar across all platforms, you’ll have a stronger brand and can establish yourself as an expert. 

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Shannon Trimble